Media Streaming

From content capture to end user access, streaming infrastructure needs to perform -anywhere.

Media assets are being created and consumed all over the world. The largest streaming companies have differentiated themselves by deploying their own infrastructure in data centers globally. But basic CDN functionality isn’t enough.

You need to be able to run your custom applications in local environments. Ridge Cloud gives you access to managed containers or Kubernetes all over the world.

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No Customer is Out of Reach

Whether you need media stream encoding, transformation, analytics, watermarking, indexing, or delivery, running those workloads close to the end user has huge benefits. The customer gets great performance and the content owner gets high marks for quality ratings and doesn’t have to absorb the often high costs of stream delivery.

One API to rule them all

There is no need to port your media streaming application to different clouds. Access the Ridge public cloud platform programmatically using standard RESTful APIs without changing a single line of code. Before your streaming application can deliver results, your underlying infrastructure must be ready to spin anywhere.
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Get the Media and Streaming Resources you Need to Perform -anywhere

If your existing infrastructure is still causing degraded performance in some locations, Ridge Cloud can bring your infrastructure up to speed seamlessly. If you are designing a whole new media or streaming application from scratch, you can use Ridge to optimize for massive distribution, so no user lags behind.