Go cloud-native.
any Infrastructure.

Ridge Cloud eliminates public cloud coverage gaps.
Easily deploy anywhere with Ridge Managed Kubernetes.
Multi-cloud, hybrid, local data center, on-prem: it’s all good.

100+ Locations, One API, Your Application anywhere

Simple deployment with Ridge CNCF-certified managed Kubernetes.

World’s Most Distributed Cloud

A cloud for any infrastructure.
Deploy everywhere with low latency & data sovereignty.
Global Distribution

Public Cloud

Easily create the hybrid cloud or multi-cloud that best matches your  business requirements.
How It Works

Private Server Performance

Your apps will run wherever your users are. No need to maintain dedicated IT teams.
Ridge Services

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Enable your customers to run cloud-native applications on your existing infrastructure and globally on the Ridge Network. Monetize your existing resources by allowing other Network Partners to deploy their customers on your existing cloud.
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By unleashing cloud computing's full potential, Ridge changes the way businesses think about growing. Innovate without being limited by cloud infrastructure.
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Frequently Asked & answered

Q: How is Ridge different from the large hyperscalers?
A:  Ridge offers an alternative to the public cloud model. Developers can easily deploy & scale applications anywhere, utilizing a global network of service providers instead of relying on the availability of compute resources in a specific location.
Q: I’m already deploying apps through AWS. What advantage do I have to move workloads to Ridge Cloud?
A:  Depending on their location, end-users will use your apps with lower latency and overall higher performance. They’ll be more likely to use them again and again.
Q: We're using a mix of IT platforms: on-prem, co-located, and also the public cloud. Can we run our workloads on Ridge Cloud?
A:  Yes, Ridge promotes interoperability with legacy hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. It enables enterprises to build a customized & optimized cloud computing strategy.
Q: I need to support customers in a new location. How long will it take for Ridge to add a location to the Ridge network?
A:  A new location can typically be added in about two days.
Q: Can I run my workloads in any data center on Ridge Cloud?
A:  Yes, developers can be agnostic to each data center’s specific stack technology and need only a single API to deploy applications locally.
Q: Can any data center be a PoP on Ridge Cloud?
A:  After thoroughly vetting their equipment, security, SLAs, historical uptime, and connectivity, Ridge can add any top-tier data centers to its network.


"We have many customers who want to use our cloud-based infrastructure, but the larger global public clouds are not near enough to them to provide an acceptable level of service. Ridge is able to provide us that layer.”
Mendy Newman
Ericom VP of Product Management
"With Ridge's platform we offer local Kubernetes services for development and global presence for their customers. It's a perfect solution for us."
Gil Shany
CTO at MedOne


“The argument that we’re making at Ridge is that applications that are going to really change the world going forward…are going to care a lot about geography and care a lot about being highly distributed.”
Jonathan Seelig
Ridge co-founder and Executive Chairman
(co-founder of Akamai)
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