Ridge Cloud

Deploying cloud-native apps has never been easier.
Ridge’s cloud-native building blocks, including its CNCF-certified managed Kubernetes, are simple for DevOps and cloud architects to operate. They enable them to easily deploy cloud-native applications as part of any multi-cloud or hybrid cloud architecture.
How it works:

move your workloads to 
anywhere you need - with one api

Ridge Cloud is built from 100’s of data centers.
Through one API, developers deploy anywhere on Ridge Cloud.
Run workloads on any underlying data center stack technology.
Cloud-native applications are served close to end-users, anywhere.

Use the Ridge Resource Allocation Engine to select the location of choice and define a unique set of constraints (e.g. geography, cost, and compliance).

Ridge global distribution


Deploy CLOUD-NATIVE Applications Anywhere

Get full workload portability as Ridge Allocation Engine provisions your clusters and distributes them based on your needs and constraints.

Scale Applications on a Fully Managed Public Cloud Platform

Experience ease of operation with managed Kubernetes, containers, and object storage, complete with self-serve programmatic access (open APIs), UI console, and modern DevOps tools.


Deploy complex systems that require a flexible cloud architecture using advanced product features, such as secure tunneling and IaaS. Enterprises can build a customized & optimized cloud computing strategy.