Ridge Kubernetes

RKS is a fully managed Kubernetes service that developers access programmatically to deploy & scale workloads all over the world. Simple to use, straightforward UI for fast deployments.


A Fully Managed Kubernetes Service

Provision and manage your clusters with ease.

Fast Deployment of Location-Sensitive Workloads

Deploy Kubernetes clusters in any of Ridge’s 100+ regions around the world. Choose from locations on five continents, effortlessly.

Certified and Compliant Solution

Expand your footprint on a fully managed Kubernetes service that is Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified.

Automated Cluster Provisioning

Once you define your required cluster setup and constraints, Ridge's Resource Allocation Engine (RAE) will provision, configure, and install your application anywhere on the Ridge Cloud.


Automatic recovery of failed master and worker nodes. Complete peace of mind knowing that RKS will automatically recover from node failures.

Infrastructure Flexibility

Deploy your application on RKS and access a global network of Ridge Cloud partners. Hybrid or multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments have never been easier.

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RKS Detailed Feature list

Pay-as-you-go billing

Pay only for containers while they are running — billed by the second.

Location-sensitive workload portability

Provision workloads anywhere on the Ridge network of data center resources.

Fully managed Kubernetes service

Deploy Kubernetes leveraging the convenience of the public cloud without changing a single line of code.

Highly available control plane

Configure clusters to meet the availability requirements of your applications.

Identity and Access Management

Enable access control based on organization, project, and account level permissions.

Compliance & Certification

Comply with the requirements of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

One-click provisioning

Ensure your clusters are provisioned successfully in a single operation.

External load balancing

Provision, configure, and maintain external load balancing for your Kubernetes services.

Persistent storage

Provision, configure, and maintain persistent volumes to support stateful application functionality.


Enable continuous cluster health monitoring and auto-healing during runtime.