Cutting Through the Noise Cutting Through the Noise

Cutting Through the Noise

SaaS Fuel

Jonathan Seelig joins the SaaS Fuel Podcast to talk all about the software application market, what he loves about being in infrastructure, and the biggest challenges he’s faced as a leader.


01:18 –  Jonathan Seelig joins the show to share his experience founding multiple early stage technology companies, including Akamai
12:36 – How Jonathan came up with the idea for Ridge
15:06 – Challenges in going from Akamai to Ridge
18:40 – Cutting through the noise
20:34 – Big shifts in the software application market
27:01 – Advice Jonathan would give to other startup founders
29:28 – How Jonathan inspires his team
31:00 – The biggest challenges of being a leader of a remote team and qualities Jonathan looks for in a team member
37:27 – What’s next for Jonathan and Ridge

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Jonathan Seelig
Jonathan Seelig
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

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