Ridge Object Storage

ROS is a fully managed web service that developers can access with a built-in management layer for secure, scalable, and durable object data storage.

ROS Feature Highlights


ROS is designed for such as data lakes, websites, backup and restore, enterprise applications, IoT devices, and mobile applications.  Easy to use management features enable users to organize their data for their specific business requirements.

Simple to use

Use the S3 API with a web-based management console and SDKs for integration with third party technologies.


Data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities and multiple devices in each facility.

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Store as much data as you need and access it when desired.  There is no reason to estimate future storage needs as it is possible to scale up or down as needed, thus increasing business agility.


Transfers data over secured channels and automatically protects the data once it is uploaded.  Bucket policies are configurable to manage object permissions and access is controlled using Ridge’s Identity and Access Management (IAM).