There's no limit to how much you can innovate to create an amazing in-store experience!

Your customers expect their applications to perform equally well if they are walking the floor of your store or if they're browsing your site from the other side of the world. With Ridge Cloud, you have the agility to accelerate digital engagement and gain revenues.


Space, connectivity, hardware & software support: you need them all to run workloads on-site. Migrating to the cloud reduces your need for on-site infrastructure, but with the large public cloud, your customers won’t get the performance they're expecting. Ridge Cloud empowers you to deploy cloud-native applications, whenever and wherever they're needed.

One API to rule them all

Start deploying anywhere users are located. Access Ridge Cloud programmatically using standard RESTful APIs without changing a single line of code. Before your retail application can reach anyone, your underlying infrastructure must be ready to spin up anywhere. 
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PLANETARY DATA CENTER Distribution Helps You TO Perform anywhere

New stores in faraway places? We’ve got your back. Ridge’s data center locations are diverse and global. If we don’t have a point of presence where you need one, we’ll have one ready to go in a few weeks.

Deliver a Global Cloud-Native Deployment

Deploy your application seamlessly on any of Ridge’s 100+ locations spread across the planet. No need to invest in new infrastructure.


Can brick & mortar retailers keep up with customers' evolving expectations?

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