Support your manufacturing automation with cloud services anywhere.

Multi-site manufacturing can’t rely on centralized cloud infrastructure to perform for all sites.

Ridge Cloud enables facilities in diverse locations to all have dependable, low-latency connectivity to the cloud.

No Facility is Out of Reach

Ridge Cloud’s massively distributed infrastructure ensures that your resources are highly available to facilities — even in out of the way and exotic locations.

Massive Distribution for Smarter Manufacturing

No matter where they are, manufacturing facilities can find reliable connectivity to the cloud with Ridge’s resources anywhere.

Optimize for Locality of Data and Compute Resources

Industry and region specific data sovereignty requirements can all be easily managed using Ridge's massively distributed cloud resources.

Deliver a Global Cloud Native Deployment

Deploy your application seamlessly on any of Ridge’s 100+ locations spread across five continents without investing in new infrastructure.

One API to rule them all

Deploy your manufacturing applications anywhere your facilities are located. Access the Ridge Cloud programmatically using standard RESTful APIs without changing a single line of code.
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