Your devices could be anywhere.
So should your cloud.

Ridge Cloud enables IoT applications to perform to spec convenience while complying with data locality constraints.

City-level cloud resources empower IoT application developers to optimize for low latency, cost efficiency, and compliance.

No Endpoint is Out of Reach

The Ridge Cloud’s massively distributed infrastructure ensures your resources are highly available to smart devices.

Massive Distribution Empowers IoT to Get Smarter

Deploy fully managed cloud-native services to optimize for endpoint performance anywhere your devices are located.

Optimize for Locality of Data and Compute Resources

To deliver on the promise of Internet-enabled devices that comply with data sovereignty regulations, you need local infrastructure in many places. Our mission is to enable innovators like you to deploy cloud-native applications anywhere smart devices are located.

Deliver a Global Cloud Native Deployment

Deploy your Kubernetes or containerized applications seamlessly on any of 100+ locations across five continents on the Ridge Cloud without investing in new infrastructure.

One API to rule them all

Deploy your IoT applications anywhere things are located. Access the Ridge Cloud programmatically using standard RESTful APIs without changing a single line of code. Before your smart things can deliver results, your underlying infrastructure must be ready to spin up anywhere.
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Make Your Things Smart and Agile anywhere

If your existing deployment is still causing degraded IoT performance in some locations, Ridge Cloud can bring your infrastructure up to speed seamlessly. If you are designing a whole new experience from scratch, you can use Ridge to optimize for massive distribution, so no device lags behind.