Your players are in every country -
why aren’t your servers?

Let your users connect from anywhere.
Ridge Cloud enables game developers to deploy game servers all over the world, thereby creating a high performance, low latency footprint for all users. City-level deployment empowers game developers to provide a low latency, cost efficient, and privacy-law compliant gaming experience.

No Player Lags Behind

Ridge Cloud’s massively distributed infrastructure ensures your resources are highly available and performant for local users anywhere.

Massive Distribution Empowers Game Developers to Win

Deploy fully managed cloud-native services to optimize for an awesome gameplay experience anywhere your users are located. If you have users everywhere, your game should run anywhere.

Deliver a Global Cloud-Native Deployment

Deploy your application seamlessly on any of Ridge’s 100+ locations spread across five continents without investing in new infrastructure.

Make Your Game Easy to Play

If your existing deployment is still causing a degraded game-play experience in some locations, Ridge Cloud can bring your infrastructure up to speed seamlessly. If you are designing a new game experience from scratch, you can use Ridge to optimize for massive distribution, so no player lags behind.
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