Cloud Monitoring

For real performance data, you need your agents to run everywhere.

Synthetic Workloads - Real Locations

Ridge Cloud’s massively distributed infrastructure allows you to deploy synthetic workloads for testing at data center facilities all over the world. The only way to truly test performance is through a distributed testing infrastructure. Ridge Cloud regions are deployed on every continent and across dozens of autonomous systems.

‍Ridge Cloud enables cloud monitoring companies to collect data and test application quality from a global footprint. In order to test how applications behave for users all over the world, you need agent software deployed across many operators in many geographies.

One API to rule them all

Start deploying test nodes anywhere you want. Ridge Cloud allows you to access global locations programmatically using standard RESTful APIs without changing a single line of code. Before you can test for users all over the world, your underlying infrastructure must be ready to spin up anywhere.
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Make it Easy to Run Test Loads anywhere

If your existing deployment is undersized and cumbersome, Ridge Cloud can bring your infrastructure up to speed seamlessly. If you are designing a new testing and monitoring system from scratch, you can use Ridge to optimize for massive distribution so that your eyes are absolutely everywhere.