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The Greatest Models in the World Need the Greatest Infrastructure To Deliver Results

You invest in data, AI/ML development, and powerful training models. But can you deliver those insights where they are needed fast enough?

Modern AI applications need low latency between the inference engine and the end user to be effective. The closer you can get to the user, the more likely your AI investment is to pay off.

Ridge Cloud gives you the ability to run your inference engine in 100+ locations around the world. That geographic distribution enables AI application owners to dramatically improve operational performance by deploying workloads on the Ridge Cloud. The more sensitive your AI application is to performance, the more you need local resources to improve latency, cost, and data sovereignty conformity. As the operational performance of inference engines increases, so does your ability to extract value from your AI investment.

AI Performance for Every Single User, All Over The World

Ridge Cloud ensures that resources are highly available everywhere you users are located, allowing you to run your inference engine anywhere.

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Optimize for Locality of Data and Compute Resources

To deliver on the promise of AI applications, you need to deliver time to insights seamlessly. Our mission is to enable innovators like you to deploy inference engines for AI applications anywhere you need them to run.

Optimize for Locality of Data and Compute Resources

Deploy your machine learning applications seamlessly on any of 100+ locations across five continents on the Ridge Cloud without investing in new infrastructure or committing to long-term vendor lock-in.

One API to rule them all

Start deploying now your applications anywhere they need to run. Access the Ridge Cloud programmatically using standard RESTful APIs without changing a single line of code. Before your machine learning models can deliver results, your underlying infrastructure must be ready to spin up so your AI applications can run anywhere.
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Give Your AI the Resources to Run anywhere

If your existing deployment is still not delivering on- time insights in some locations, Ridge Cloud can bring your infrastructure up to speed seamlessly. If you are designing a whole new AI application from scratch, you can use Ridge to optimize for massive distribution so no application lags behind.