Ridge Cloud Platform

Distributed PUBLIC Cloud at Massive Scale

Deploy Cloud-Native Applications Anywhere

Optimize your cloud-native applications for workload portability. The Ridge Resource Allocation Engine provisions your clusters and optimally distributes them based on your needs.

Scale Applications on a Fully Managed Cloud Platform

Experience the ease of operation with managed Kubernetes, containers, and storage, complete with self-serve programmatic access (open APIs), UI console, and modern DevOps tools.

Enable Multi-tenancy with Standard Identity & Access Management

Ridge supports standard access control for users and groups, enabling multiple permission levels to securely manage your resources.

Platform Highlights

The Ridge platform provides fully managed services for cloud-native deployments.

Optimize location sensitive workloads using:

UI console and Open APIs
Fully managed cloud services
Ridge Kubernetes Service
Ridge Container Service

Use the Ridge Resource Allocation Engine to select the location of choice and define a unique set of constraints (e.g. geography, cost, and compliance).