Massively Distributed Planetary Presence

Ridge’s global distribution brings cloud resources closer to local users and edge devices, empowering developers to deploy applications that provide an unprecedented user experience and comply with regional data sovereignty regulations anywhere.

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Ridge's Global Presence Key Benefits


Cloud resources in 100+ locations provide low-latency access to your application for users anywhere they are located. If you want your applications closer to users the world over, you need Ridge Cloud.

Geographic Diversity

Ridge’s resources are located all over the world. As local data sovereignty and residency rules become more prevalent, cloud-native applications need distributed architectures in order to comply. Ridge has got your back — all over the world.

Protecting the planet

Ridge is improving the efficiency of existing infrastructure on a global scale. Ridge Cloud supports a greener and more sustainable world by efficiently using existing hardware to reduce energy consumption.

Powered by a World-class Partner Network

Ridge partners with best-in-class data centers after thoroughly vetting their equipment, security, SLAs, historical uptime, and connectivity.