Modernize Your Infrastructure

Offer programmatic access to cloud native services complete with APIs, modern DevOps tools, and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

scale your native cloud offering

Connect to the Ridge Cloud Network of federated data centers and offer your customers cloud deployment all over the world.

Join The Global Partner Network

Grow your cloud business by enabling Ridge Cloud customers to deploy cloud native applications on your existing data center resources.


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Grow your local data center business and offer modern DevOps tools without deploying any new software.

Focus on your core business

Deliver cloud infrastructure at scale without worrying about costly talent acquisition and ongoing training.  

Enable provisioning of cloud native workloads

Manage multiple types of containerized workloads and orchestration methodologies while supporting elastic distribution across multiple sites anywhere on the Ridge Network.

Provide data sovereiGnty

Leverage the Ridge Network to allow your customers to manage sensitive datasets while complying with regulatory requirements in any jurisdiction, anywhere in the world.

Ridge Managed Cloud Service Partner Network

Offer Managed Services to Customers

Enable your customers to deploy cloud-native applications by consuming your existing infrastructure using modern cloud services such as managed Kubernetes, container orchestration, and managed object storage.  

Join the Ridge Global Network

Empower global customers to run their applications on your local infrastructure with a consumption-based mechanism and easy billing. No integration efforts are required from your side.  

Your Customers Stay Your Customers

Ensure that you are the first point of contact for customers who want modern web services. Maintain the billing, account management, and first-line support relationships — ensuring that your customers will stay with you.