Ridge managed Container

RCS is a fully managed container service that developers can access programmatically to deploy and manage fleets of containers all over the world.


Ridge Container Service

Run containers without administering servers

RCS allows you to run your workloads across the Ridge Network without managing the underlying infrastructure. Focus on building your applications, not on the infrastructure that runs them.

Deploy containers when and where you want them

When demand for an application increases, you can trust Ridge's network to expand your deployments across networks and geographies.

Ensure that you are efficient and secure

Ridge RCS managed container service gives you the security of virtual machines with the efficiency of containers — the best of both worlds.

Create global reach - by design

Ridge was founded to provide the most globally distributed infrastructure. By working with Ridge, your containers can run anywhere.

RCS Feature Highlights

Seamless Deployment of Containerized Applications

Automate availability and maintenance of resource pools, container images, and access control without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. This liberates developers to focus on their core applications while RCS streamlines the rest.

Built-in Connectivity to AWS services

Containerized applications running on AWS can seamlessly access all AWS services. Containerized applications running on Ridge behave exactly the same way — RCS manages all permissions and connectivity to AWS services.

Log consolidation to anywhere, from anywhere

Ridge enables global distribution of workloads while allowing you to point all log files to a single destination. Global infrastructure with local visibility.

Optimized for Location Sensitive Workloads

Deploy container images on massively distributed resource pools. Developers define their desired geographic distribution as well as cost, server virtualization, and compliance conformity (e.g. SOC2, ISO or HIPAA). RCS will ensure your workloads are always up and running based on your settings.

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RCS Detailed Feature list


Pay only for containers while they are running — billed by the second.

Fully managed container service

Run fleets of containers without needing to manage the underlying infrastructure.


Provision containerized workloads anywhere on the globe in Ridge’s Network of data centers.

Integrated monitoring

Provide logging and monitoring for visibility into performance, resiliency, and availability.

Log consolidation

Collect logs across your entire multi-cloud deployment and consolidate them into a single Elastic endpoint.

One-click provisioning

Ensure your container fleets are provisioned successfully in a single operation.

AWS integration

Permissions and connectivity to AWS services are managed seamlessly by Ridge.

Support for private container repositories

Fully secured support for public and private container image repositories.

Support for Stateful Application Functionality

Provision, configure and maintain persistent volumes including custom arguments, environment variables, and entry points.